Technology Empowerment, China Classification Society (CCS) Provided Technical Training for Indonesian Enterprises

Enhancing Ship Repair Quality with CCS Guidelines

Recently, Chen Zili, General Manager of the China Classification Society (CCS) Singapore Branch, led a team to visit the renowned Indonesian company WARUNA SHIPPING GROUP to conduct professional training. The goal of this training was to deepen cooperation between the two organizations, enhance understanding and application of CCS’s rules and regulations, and collectively improve safety and quality standards in the Indonesian shipbuilding industry.

During the training, the CCS Singapore Branch technical team provided a detailed overview of CCS ship survey rules, presented case studies on Port State Control (PSC), and shared valuable insights on survey responses. They also introduced the current ship condition assessment procedures and requirements.


CCS ship

As a result of the training, WARUNA SHIPPING GROUP gained a thorough understanding of CCS rules and regulations. Its members expressed that these technical guidelines would help enhance ship repair quality and fleet management.

Chen Zili emphasized that CCS highly values its cooperation with WARUNA SHIPPING GROUP. This training represents a significant step in strengthening their collaboration. CCS will continue to maintain close communication and cooperation to jointly promote the safe and efficient development of the Indonesian shipbuilding industry.

CCS ship

Both parties view this as an opportunity to further deepen cooperation and connectivity, fostering rapid development in the field of ship repair. This initiative lays a solid foundation for a better, closer, and more pragmatic future.

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