TMS Tankers A Strategic Approach to Energy Transition

TMS Tankers Ltd. and TMS Cardiff Gas Ltd. have partnered with Lloyd’s Register (LR) to launch an ambitious Energy Transition Strategy Project (ETSP). This strategic collaboration aims to explore and establish compliance pathways that will guide the TMS Group’s fleet towards sustainable and environmentally compliant operations.

The project will focus on three key strategies to address the energy transition for the TMS Group’s fleet. Initially, a comprehensive analysis will be conducted to review TMS’ current business and sustainability strategies. This will involve evaluating ongoing initiatives, performance efficiencies, and alternative fuels to understand baseline emissions and operational constraints.

Next, the partnership will thoroughly assess TMS Group’s compliance with Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) regulations and its strategies to meet future environmental regulations, including the European Union’s Fit for 55 initiative and the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) mid-term measures. LR will perform a gap assessment as part of this analysis.

The project will culminate in the development of a strategic roadmap based on the analyses. This roadmap will outline short, medium, and long-term initiatives to ensure the TMS fleet remains compliant with evolving environmental regulations while minimizing operational disruptions.

Continuous progress tracking, regular stakeholder meetings, and detailed reporting will be integral to the collaboration, ensuring transparency and alignment with TMS Group’s strategic goals.

George Kourelis, General Manager of TMS Tankers Ltd. and TMS Cardiff Gas Ltd., highlighted the importance of the initiative: “We are in an era of change, investing heavily in new construction and fleet expansion to ensure our fleet remains energy efficient. Exploring all potential future compliance pathways and strategies is crucial to meeting future environmental regulations.”

Andy McKeran, Chief Commercial Officer of Lloyd’s Register, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “We are excited to work alongside TMS in this strategic partnership. This project is a significant step towards sustainable shipping, and we are committed to leveraging our expertise to help TMS navigate the complexities of the energy transition.”

Theo Kourmpelis, Strategic Business Partner at Lloyd’s Register, emphasized the collaboration’s significance: “TMS is a strategic partner for us, and we are keen to work on this groundbreaking project. We are eager to see the outcomes and help TMS achieve its sustainability goals.”

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