Tsakos Energy Navigation Leads the way in Maritime Cybersecurity at Posidonia Trade Fair

June 6, 2024, Posidonia Trade Fair, Athens — In a landmark event at the Posidonia trade fair, classification society DNV awarded Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd (T.E.N.) a certificate for their groundbreaking commitment to cybersecurity. T.E.N.’s newly contracted shuttle tankers, set for completion by Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) in 2025, are the first to receive the DNV Cyber Secure Essential notation, setting a new standard in maritime cybersecurity.

This achievement comes as the maritime industry faces an era of rapid digital transformation, with enhanced efficiency, safety, and sustainability. However, increased connectivity also introduces significant cybersecurity risks. The International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) is addressing these concerns with new Unified Requirements (UR) E26 and E27, set to become mandatory for newbuilds contracted after July 1, 2024. These URs mandate comprehensive cyber risk management in vessel design and operation.

DNV’s recognition of T.E.N. is particularly notable as 200 vessels have already voluntarily contracted for DNV’s Cyber Secure notation ahead of the IACS UR implementation, highlighting a proactive approach within the industry to tackle cyber threats.

Industry Leaders Emphasize the Importance of Cybersecurity

Vasilis Papageorgiou, Chief Marine Officer at T.E.N., expressed the company’s commitment to cybersecurity: “Robust cybersecurity is essential for safe shipping. We are delighted with our collaboration with DNV and SHI, and proud to have achieved this notation before it becomes mandatory. Completing this significant stage highlights the progress we have made in this important field.”

Haeki Jang, Executive Vice President and CTO of Samsung Heavy Industries, highlighted the necessity of cyber security in modern shipbuilding: “In the shipbuilding and marine sectors, the importance of data is becoming more prominent. Seamless connection and data security between ships, land, and systems have become essential concepts. Therefore, cyber security technology is necessary. We will continue to strengthen cooperation with shipping companies, classification societies, and cyber security companies to expand the application of the technology.”

Ioannis Chiotopoulos, SVP and Regional Manager for South East Europe, Middle East & Africa at DNV Maritime, underscored the collaborative efforts: “We are delighted to work with Tsakos and SHI to verify their shuttle tankers comply with the updated DNV Cyber Secure notation. This puts Tsakos and SHI out in front of upcoming IACS unified requirements. At DNV we have been working to help prepare our customers as increased ship connectivity increases cyber risk and are very happy to celebrate that 200 vessels have already contracted the notation ahead of mandatory implementation.”

Benefits of DNV’s Cyber Secure Notation

DNV’s Cyber Secure class notation provides several advantages. It helps reduce the risk of cyber security threats, demonstrates resilience, ensures continuous compliance through regular audits, and raises personnel awareness. Moreover, it enables ship owners to safely harness digital technologies to optimize operations.

By achieving this notation, Tsakos Energy Navigation not only sets a precedent but also showcases a robust framework for cybersecurity in maritime operations. This proactive stance ensures that their fleet is equipped to handle the challenges of increased digitalization, making them a leader in safe, secure, and efficient shipping.

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