Verified fuel savings of over 5% for seagoing vessel using SulNOxEco™

SulNOx’s all-natural, fully biodegradable fuel conditioner continues to prove its value as a market-ready tool in the maritime industry’s arsenal to help meet International Maritime Organization (IMO) and EU regulations on vessel emissions.

During a five month-long trial in cooperation with a Hamburg-based shipping company and a renowned Northern German university for maritime shipping, fuel conditioner SulNOxEco™ reduced marine diesel consumption in a two-stroke marine diesel engine by more than 5% in real world conditions.

The evaluation project opens the door to significant fuel savings and emissions reductions across the maritime industry using SulNOx’s “no-capex”, drop-in fuel conditioners for a range of common marine fuels. The latest confirmation of the fuel conditioner’s efficacy demonstrates its potential to help shipowners and operators meet global and regional emissions regulations, such as the IMO’s Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) and EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS).

Ben Richardson, CEO of SulNOx commented: “Meeting the maritime industry’s emissions reductions target is an ecological and moral imperative and also makes perfect business sense. Shipowners face tough decisions on future fuel choices, but we must take action on decarbonisation today. Our fuel conditioners are an immediate, easy win to make the most of current fuels, save money and cut harmful emissions.”

“By adopting the SulNOx green technologies to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, the industry can minimise its environmental impact as it strives towards a zero-carbon future,” he added.

SulNOxEco™ Diesel Conditioner was applied to the vessel’s fuel under real operating conditions during commercial voyages in the North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Baseline measurements of fuel consumption on the two stroke MAN B&W 6S35MC engine were taken at 60% and 70% engine load, and then repeated using SulNOxEco™ treated fuel.

The project measured a consistent 5-6% reduction in specific fuel consumption using a 1:2000 ratio of SulNOxEco™ Diesel Conditioner in MDO fuel (DIN ISO 8217).

The project partners plan a further trial application of SulNOxEco™ on an engine running VLSFO where experts from the shipping company and the university expect an even greater fuel-saving effect.

Previous studies of SulNOxEco™ have shown a reduction in harmful PM 2.5 particulate matter emissions of over 60% and reduction in engine maintenance costs of around 2% thanks to the product’s impact by improved combustion, detergency and lubricity.
Source: SulNOx

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