Vessel XIANG ZHOU YUN Successfully Delivered

Recently, the test work support vessel with additional marks for intelligent ships,XIANG ZHOU YUN,” was successfully delivered. It was surveyed by China Classification Society (CCS), and constructed by Jiangxi Jiangxin Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. for Southern Marine Science and Engineering Guangdong Laboratory (Zhuhai).


“XIANG ZHOU YUN” vessel is a new type of intelligent ship that integrates intelligent navigation, remote control, intelligent integration, and intelligent energy efficiency. It has all-weather operation capabilities and autonomous navigation capabilities. This vessel, 56.9 m long, 9.8 m wide, and 4.5 m deep, is propelled by dual engines and dual-adjustable propellers, and is equipped with a bow thruster for good heading stability and maneuverability.With a maximum speed of no less than 15 knots, an endurance of no less than 1200 nautical miles, and a self-supportability of 22 days, it can sail in the far-sea navigation area.

As a water surface intelligent platform specially designed for the Southern Marine Science and Engineering Guangdong Laboratory (Zhuhai) to conduct real sea test of marine intelligent equipment at the Wanshan Offshore Test Field, it is integrated with the functions of marine comprehensive survey ships, test site work support ships, and intelligent system testing vessels. After construction, this vessel will mainly be used for far-field and outfield tests at the test field, which can simultaneously meet the needs of intelligent system testing, scientific investigation, and sea trial equipment maintenance and transportation, with consideration to emergency search and emergency jacking functions.

According to the requirements of the regulations, including the “Provisional Rules for Autonomous Navigation Test Technology and Survey of Ships (2023)” and the “Rules for Intelligent Ships (2023),”  Jiujiang Office of CCS Wuhan Branch has striven for excellence, strictly controlled the quality during the construction and survey process, and organized multiple technical exchange meetings by fully leveraging its professional advantages to help the shipowners and shipyards solve technical problems and guarantee the successful delivery of this vessel with high-quality and efficient technical services.

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