Yusen Terminals Introduces Battery-Electric Top Handlers at Port of Los Angeles

Yusen Terminals, a leading provider of marine terminal services at the Port of Los Angeles, made history today by putting into operation the first five commercially available battery-electric top handlers at a marine terminal in the nation. The purchase of these new Taylor ZLC 996 electric top handlers will dramatically reduce Yusen’s carbon footprint, and pioneer a greener future for port operations nationwide.

Built by skilled union members in the USA, these innovative machines mark a significant milestone in Yusen Terminals’ ongoing commitment to sustainability. These machines will be operated by members of the ILWU Local 13 at our marine terminal in the Port of Los Angeles. Later this year, Yusen Terminals (YTI) will receive three more Taylor electric top handlers, transitioning 25% of Yusen’s top handler fleet to zero-emission.

Today’s press conference at the Yusen Terminals’ San Pedro, California facility brought together City and Port officials, local agencies, union and community leaders, representatives of the Consulate General of Japan, and individuals from the freight industry to commemorate this monumental achievement. Notable speakers at the event included City Councilmember Tim McOsker; Gene Seroka, Executive Director from the Port of Los Angeles; Robert Taylor, President and CEO from Taylor Machine Works Inc.; and representatives of Ocean Network Express, ILWU, and California Air Resources Board.

“These all-electric cargo top handlers are the culmination of years of rigorous, real-world prototype testing and development here at our port,” said Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka. “I commend Yusen Terminals for its vision and leadership. Our collective commitment to pursuing this technology has paid off, helping prove this equipment’s commercial viability.”

360 Yusen Electric Top Handler

The five new electric Taylor ZLC 996 Electric Loaded Container Top Handler Lift Trucks boast a remarkable 90,000 lb. (about 40823.28 kg) capacity, ensuring efficient handling of heavy containers within the port. Designed to operate for up to 18 hours on a single charge, these top handlers offer extended operational time, maximizing productivity while minimizing environmental impact.

“We are thrilled to unveil the world’s first electric top handlers, representing a significant leap forward in our commitment to sustainability,” said Alan McCorkle, President and CEO of Yusen Terminals. “At YTI, we believe in leading by example and setting new standards for environmental responsibility in our industry. With the introduction of these electric top handlers, we are not only reducing our carbon footprint and continuing to support our local workforce, but also pioneering a greener future for global port operations.”

Top handlers play a crucial role in port operations by efficiently transferring containers from trucks and trains. While traditionally powered by diesel engines, the introduction of these five brand-new electric top handlers represent a significant achievement in Yusen Terminals’ continuous dedication to environmental sustainability and operational efficiency. Being at the forefront of eco-friendly port operations, Yusen Terminals is unwavering in its mission to spearhead the transition towards cleaner, more sustainable, and higher-performing container handling equipment choices.

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