Zero44 Launches New Trading Partnership Program

Zero44 Launches New Trading Partnership Program for EU ETS Compliance

Emissions management company Zero44 has announced the launch of its new trading partnership program. This initiative integrates renowned emission allowance traders into Zero44’s EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) platform, allowing customers to procure necessary EUAs (European Union Allowances) easily.

In 2023, Zero44 introduced its comprehensive software solution for EU ETS compliance, covering emissions measurement, cost calculation, and contract management. The company already collaborates with numerous data collectors and verification providers.

The new trading partnership program further enhances Zero44’s platform by incorporating traders like ACT Group, AFS Group, Aither, Berenberg, Carlton Carbon, CFP Energy, Grey Epoch, and Targray. This integration allows customers to select preferred traders and manage EU ETS obligations efficiently.

Customers have the flexibility to work with Zero44’s recommended partners or bring in their own traders. This approach offers both guidance and freedom, ensuring a tailored and reliable emissions management experience.

zero44 launches “one-stop shop” solution for participation in EU emissions trading

“We want to offer both guidance and freedom with our trading partnership program,” said Friederike Hesse, Co-founder and Managing Director of Zero44. “We believe we have found the optimal solution for our customers.”

Key industry figures have expressed their enthusiasm for the collaboration. Dario L. Pabst from ACT Financial Solutions highlighted the importance of innovative carbon accounting solutions for the maritime industry. Jef Geelen from AFS Group and Arne Christian Rahner from Berenberg emphasized the seamless trading solutions and streamlined processes provided by the partnership.

Other partners, including Carlton Carbon, CFP Energy, Grey Epoch, and Targray, echoed the sentiment, noting the collaboration’s potential to help shipping companies navigate complex emissions regulations and reduce compliance costs.

Zero44’s new program marks a significant step forward in emissions management, offering a comprehensive, flexible, and efficient solution for the maritime sector.

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