Marine Glossary

“Azimuth” in Marine Glossary

In marine terminology, “azimuth” refers to a horizontal angle measured clockwise from a fixed reference point (usually true north) to a point of interest, typically used for navigation or direction-finding purposes. It is often expressed in degrees.

Azimuth is commonly used in marine navigation to determine the direction of a target, such as a navigational aid, a landmark, or another vessel. By measuring the azimuth angle from the observer’s position to the target, mariners can establish the bearing or heading to reach that point.

The azimuth can be measured using various instruments, such as a magnetic compass, gyrocompass, or electronic navigation systems. It helps navigators establish and maintain a desired course, plan routes, avoid obstacles, and accurately determine the relative positions of objects in relation to their vessel.

Furthermore, azimuth is also used in celestial navigation when determining the position of celestial bodies, such as the sun, moon, or stars. By measuring their azimuth angles, navigators can calculate their own position at sea.

Overall, azimuth plays a crucial role in marine navigation as it provides a means to determine direction, bearing, and relative positions in a horizontal plane. It aids mariners in safely and accurately navigating the waters.

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