Marine Glossary

Meaning of “AMIDSHIPS”

 The term “amidships” is a nautical term that refers to the middle portion of a ship or boat, both in terms of length and width. It is derived from the words “amid” (meaning in the middle) and “ships” (referring to vessels).

When used to describe the position on a ship, “amidships” typically refers to a location near or in the middle of the vessel’s length. It can also refer to the central part of the ship’s width, dividing it into two equal halves portside (left) and starboard (right).

In addition to its positional meaning, “amidships” can also describe actions or conditions that occur in or pertain to the middle of a ship. For example, if a ship is taking on water and the crew is trying to stabilize it, they might say that they are working amidships to address the issue.

Overall, “amidships” is a term that helps to specify the location or area within a ship, indicating the middle part of the vessel either lengthwise or widthwise.

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